Veriori authentication system (VAS)

Protect products
and documents against counterfeits

Discover the missing piece of your company’s digital transformation. VAS is a solution that by using unique technology and advanced cryptographic mechanisms, effectively protect your products and documents against counterfeiting, allow easy verification of their authenticity and provide valuable data about users.


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Veriori Authentication System

Veriori technology is a response to outdated solutions for protection against counterfeiting of products, which are currently used in the market.

Our solution uses the latest technologies and advanced cryptographic

It is used to verify the authenticity and security products, brand protection and controling supply chains

In addition, it can support marketing and the customer service process

Each product is marked with a unique identifier, which makes possible to verify its status throughout life cycle

What makes us different

Common use

We use a solution based on a popular and well-known QR code

Unique solution

Unlike the traditional code, our Crypto QR Code is unique for each copy of the product


The code is encrypted to prevent forgery and breach. It can not be broken or forgotten


The code is scannable via almost any smartphone


With dynamic redirection information "hardcoded" in the code can be changed at any time

Protect your products
against counterfeits

VAS is dedicated for


Explore Veriori’s solutions for manufacturers.

Distribution networks

Discover solutions prepared for distribution networks.


Meet solutions designed for retail customers.

The consumer

Check the solutions that can benefit consumers.

Solutions for industry

Products marked with special and encrypted Quick Response or Data Matrix codes or electronic NFC tags that enable the identification and storage of information about a specific item or series of products.

Each copy obtains an individual, unique identity.

The system can be integrated with any production system or act as a “stand-alone” solution.


Solutions for distribution networks

The system allows you to locate and control the supply chain. Thanks to the unique identifier, it is possible to track the location of the goods. This knowledge allows, among others for distribution optimization. 

The system also supports data acquisition sales.


Solutions for retail

Thanks to the system, it is possible to support sales, commercial marketing and consumer promotions. 

Inscriptions on products can be used for any marketing campaigns – also in relation to the series released on the market before the announcement of the campaign.


Solutions for consumers

The code placed on the product allows you to initiate any interaction with the consumer in the online / mobile channel and can be used to collect statistical data, e.g. on interest in a given brand. 

Thanks to the easy-to-use application, the consumer can verify the authenticity and origin of the product.

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    About Veriori

    The company created by experienced managers, researchers, developers and technical experts.

    Who we are

    Veriori S.A. is a technology company from Poland. Founders of which gained experience as part of international technical, research and development, implementation and marketing projects carried out in local companies and global corporations. Our technology of securing QR codes has been awarded many times for innovation.

    Two gold medals for a unique QR code security mechanism, including a gold medal from the French Minister of National Defense at the Concours Lepine 2019 International Invention Fair

    Silver medal at the International Fair of Invention and Innovation INTARG 2019 in Katowice for the unique mechanism of securing 2D codes against unauthorized copying



    Veriori S.A.

    Aleje Jerozolimskie 142B,

    02-305 Warsaw, Poland

    [email protected]

    +48 510 969 198

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